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Frequently asked questions

You should have your Would Print custom creation in your hands 12-14 days after you place your order.

If you somehow hit order and didn't mean to, simply send us an email us at within 24 hours and we can cancel that order.

We’re pretty darn sure this isn’t going to happen, since you have a great preview of your personally created custom piece.  But for the record we do have a no return policy. That being said, if for some reason there is a mistake on your Would, give us a shout.

Taking care of a wood print is just as easy as taking care of any other piece of fine art, and in general, the same rules apply. Use only a damp, 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when wiping dust off your print. Do not get it wet, scratch, or wipe the front with abrasive materials. Do not expose the piece to fire or any other damaging substance.

Would Prints come with a portrait or landscape keyhole on the back of each print for easy hanging directly from the box to the wall.

Would Prints are designed to be hung inside your home.  But we do know there are some crafty ones out there who might want to do some self-waterproofing.

Our awesome preview function should keep that from happening.  Please make sure to triple check the spelling of your personalization.  If we are responsible for a mispelling, just contact us and we'll take care of it.

We feel so confident this won't happen, and we are committed to your 100% satisfaction.  Contact us, we want to hear and help.

At  this time we do not offer gift wrapping.  Each Would Print does come meticulously packaged to ensure it arrives intact.

Yes we do.  We ship Worldwide.

All the time!  We suggest you join our email list to be first to see all the new and seasonal designs we're offering.

Each Would Print uses an18mm thick plank of 100% birch, grown in sustainable forests. 

Not only do we use sustainably forested birch...we use solar power for printing. And, for every Would ordered, a donation is made that saves one square meter of rainforest.